Saturday, July 28, 2012

PBD #5 -Ombre

So for PBD Challenge #5 You are to create a project that has color tones that go from Light to dark or dark to light so I decided to do a layout that I will use later in my scrapbook so it doesnt have a title on it because i dont know what pictures I will put on it or if i will give it to my SIL to use for one of her pages.

So the colors I chose are more of the teal /blue green colors because I had some 6x6 sheets that i wanted to use as my mats :) I know its super simple but I cant title it without knowing what pictures I want to use in it yet.... Soo... This is all I have for now LOL. I used teal ribbon that I got from M's, then I cut plain cardstock into 3"x12" pieces and 2"x12" pieces to create my cascade look.. Then I added My mats and added some teal flowers that go from light to dark  as an extra added cascade touch :) So this is my take on the OMBRE challenge :)

Enjoy!! <3 Until #6

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